We all know the stigma and whispers that comes with having a Divorce (the family members ,the colleagues the neighbours ,the question of who was at fault )does any of this really matters when we think about life in itself ,well maybe it does maybe it doesn’t what matters is the life you live now and going forward ,help is always at hand if you just reach out to those who can help you . Even in doubt and fear ,still take that step,its a step towards a better and new you .

ARE YOU WILL STRUGGLING WITH MOVING ON FROM YOUR DIVORCE ,hi am Antoinette Clarke and I help women who are still in that limo state after there divorce to rebuild their lives by changing their beliefs and mindset about life ,and build a better and more successful life in all areas .

See your Divorce as a new opportunity for a real new start ….talk to Antoinette she will support you in how to start seeing this new awesome life which awaits you

Mourn the loss of your DIVORCE of your Love ,THEN DRY THEM TEARS AND MOVE FORWARD..new and exciting things await you .

WELCOME to V.A.R.C Life Transformation Coaching

Our mission is to support the transformation of Divorce Women ,through Re-programming of there mindset .( Everything is possible ,it starts with belief in your own inner self ).

Life Transformation Coaching

What Is a Life Transformation Coach?

Well like myself they help their clients find the motivation and tools to reach their physical and emotional health goals ,financial goals .

Unlike a physical therapist, a Life Transformation coach will help you make better general choices that will help you transform and create a better overall life style .

What does a Life Transformation Coach do

A Life Transformation coach is the individual who will helps others make the necessary changes in all areas of their life and support him or her in making these changes permanent habits which will create long term positive effect in all three areas of their lives ,Health Wealth and Happiness . A Life Transitional coach will help you change your life always for the betterment of you .Teaching you the tactic and techniques needed to maintain new routine and create new habits which will support your and spiritual well being ,emotional well being and over self esteem development ,which ever is your needs . In some ways, the Life Transition Coach or transformation Coach will be a teacher who will encourage and mentor you depending on their experience.

Do you want change and success in your life

I guess your answer is yes ,as it would be for most people ,my next question is what are you prepare to do or change in order to get the change you need for success. Are you willing to do anything ? Well i dont really need an answer to what ,what i want you to have is D.R.I.V.E ,yes you need to drive in order to make changes and to be successful. What do i mean by DRIVE

D.-desire- What do you want

R.-result- What results you want and what results do you not want

I.- in your path blocking-What is in your way and how can you remove this now

V.-very important to you -What is important to you right now ,pick at least two things

E.- effort -What is the decision you need to make in order to move your life forward .

Discovering Mental and emotional illness

Is Depression a mind set or a mental illness?

First ask the question, to me or yourself. What is Depression? Well according to most health organizations it’s a form of mild or severe mental illness. Another question you may want to have answered is how we know if we are depressed or is others around us is experiencing depression. Well here are some hints or Symptoms which is commonly seen in most people who have been diagnose with depression




Trouble with focusing on any task


Low tolerance of any kind

Frustrated easily.

Loss of interest is socializing with others, loose their fun factor

Non-active, sleeps a lot

Low or no energy, just depleted most of the time

Eats a lot of junk food, craves junk food

Extremely anxious about simple things

In Isolation 90% of their time

Several reasons can cause any of the above to happen, however these behaviour is mostly shown in depressed individuals. However, is depression a mental illness or just a mindset. What is clear is depression is a health issues, however not necessarily a mental health issues as the brain or our emotions is not static, they are both changeable. Research on Brain plasticity provides us with information and proof which can be used to challenge the norm of depression as a mental illness. Brain plasticity or neuroplasticity refers to the brains ability to change and adopt as a result of experience. All the above symptoms listed can be reversed if new experiences comes about in the individual life .In sort depression is a changeable state of mind ,not a mental illness ,as mental illness although we do not entirely know where they derive from ,it is believed by some professionals that they may be caused in some people through a combination of genetic, biological and hereditary psychological traits and environmental factors . There are numerous arguments as to what depression is and how it comes about, while this is still an ongoing investigation, please bear in mind, the most important factor in depression is not static ,it’s not permanent it can be treated and eliminated for good

Discovering how to love you gain

Experience Self Love

What is it really to love ,and to love one self ,it is belived by many and often said that in order to love anyone or anything we must first show love to our self ,often times it might seem like a pretty easy task but how easy is it really . Cna we really love ourself and show self love if we are un-aware of what love really is ,think about it how can you experience what you do not know . So my next question is ,how do we know what love really is ,in my opinion self love is different from the love you she with another especially intimate love or affection ,as self love is to do with self care ,the overall way in which you treat or acknowledge yourself or allow others to treat you this is how you will demonstare self love ,and to do so in a positive way ,one will have to show ones self care ,and attention in all ares of his or her live attention to self , as they say where we place our attention is where we will grow and to place our attention on ourself in a positive way is self love.Loving one self does not necessarily ,means you will know how to love another ,as love will differe from person to person according to there needs and there needs will come from there own focus on them self what ever they are paying attention to ,we will them need to support them in this in order to show love . so self love for everone is different according to there own needs and life experience . think about it are you ecperiencing self love in your life ,if no can you give love ,ye si think you can give love without showing self love ,and in doing so you might know how to establish self love as that person will give you love in return . Self love is not to be selfish but to be kind to ones self within reason without harming others in the process.

Give yourself some quality time ,unwind ,let your hair down or just shine like a start that you are ,self love can if done consistently balance the health and well being of our lives . Its never too late to start loving yourself . We somtimes forget about our own self care especally if we live very busy lives and have demanding jobs and a family to see to . But rememebering to show some love to our own slef will remind others to give us love and recognise how valuable we really are . Self love bring out a happier you a more productive you . Self love bring out motivation to strife fro that goal ,as you will get that feel good factor and help others at the end of your goals .

Keep loving yourself and allow others to love you .

I VERY WISE INDIVIDUAL ONE SAID “Not all those who wander are lost”.DO YOU AGREE ?



Say this below affirmation daily to build your self confidence and empowerment .

-I am so happy and grateful I am a confident and independent woman

-I am so happy and grateful life as found me the support I need to be the woman I was born to be .Successful,supportive ,graceful and admired .

-I am so happy and grateful there is people in the world who will take the time out to support people like myself in finding their true path in life .


Add or remove columns and adjust their dimensions.

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Life is all about positive mindset ..Join me in my journey to changing the mindset of broken hearted Divorce women across the globe.It start with just one positive thought

About Us

V.A.R.C. Life Transformation Coaching is open to all nationalities ,male and female ,working with adults over the age of 18 yrs in the rebuilding and positive transformation of their lives,to full self empowerment .

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